Sydney Symphony Orchestra

We were asked to develop a creative direction to support a retail campaign that marked the next phase in the evolution of the Sydney Symphony brand.

The subscriber retention and acquisition campaign is one of the major events in the Sydney Symphony’s marketing calendar – a perfect opportunity to refine the imagery and position of Australia’s greatest orchestra.

Part of the brief was to reintroduce the members of the Sydney Symphony as a community of musicians. The sense of community was important to capture. It brings a greater individualism and warmth to an institution. Orchestras en masse can be a daunting concept – but the reality is far richer – as the Sydney Symphony and its musicians have connections that go beyond the Sydney Opera House to the wider community and across the nation. It’s still high art, performed with virtuosity, but it’s eminently accessible.

Having articulated the concept and the aesthetic approach we enlisted the help of master lensman Ant Geernaert to realise the vision on the city streets and behind-the-scenes imagery. From a personal perspective Extrablack felt honoured to be able to experience the thrill and pre-performance buzz with the musicians in the Sydney Opera House’s Red Room, where the musicians gather and prepare for every performance.

Working closely with the Orchestra’s internal marketing team, the typographic structuring of the many concert package choices was also designed to be as clear and comprehensible as possible, while maintaining the character and beauty of the visual direction.