We’ve been schooled!

We’ve recently been working on sharpening our digital game, attending workshops by various industry leaders.

Web guru Richie Meldrum (How To Run a Damn Good Website Project) and Greg and Carol Mackay (Design Business Institute LinkedIn For Designers) have given us valuable insights into their methods and strategies. It’s been reassuring to note that we’ve been using very similar methods, but that hasn’t stopped us from gleaning some valuable nuggets of wisdom from these industry leaders. We’re super-keen to share some of these insights to our clients so ‘get it while it’s fresh’!

Our top 3 takouts from these workshops:

How To Run a Damn Good Website Project

1. Respect the content. Allow plenty of time and effort for the ‘meat’ of the site (sorry vegos!). This means copywriting, photography and formatting to the design. Make sure it’s clear who is responsible for this and when it needs to be delivered. Beware, this stage of the process is nearly always underestimated.

2. Use Ananlytics to measure the current activity before commencing. This will give real intel on the focus for the new design and later on will help to measure the results.

3. Prepare. Expect the unexpected. Go soft. Push it live and check it before shouting it loud.

Don‘t panic! This is digital; so nothing is permanent and everything can be fixed!

LinkedIn For Designers

1. Don’t expect Linkedin to land you work. It’s merely a portal for starting relationships. Get your introduction and set up a face to face. From then on it’s all down to the fit (and your ninja social skills!)

2. Organic networking is the most effective way to get the most out of LI. If you can’t find a genuine connection or good reason to contact someone you become like a spammy cold call, and nobody wants that.

3. Comment on other people’s posts. Be authentic and professional but you don’t always have to agree. Starting discussions reaches new people and increases your organic reach.