Australian Youth Orchestra 2018 Season

2018 is an unusual year for AYO. Having shot unique campaigns every year for the last 5 years, a reduced budget meant we were asked to re-interpret some previous years’ images in a fresh and unique way. We looked at many options but the clear winner applied a set of energetic neon light streaks in combination with our signature portraiture to create a series of surreal, vibrant abstractions immersing the students in a world of colourful noise. The light treatment gave a sense of beauty, fluidity and energy, and the feeling of being ‘lost in music’.

As a campaign it worked a treat as the combination of a strong, bold type treatment added purpose to the messaging and ensured there was no sense of ‘recycling’ of old material.

A 24 page program and double sided brochure/poster will be supplemented with further event posters and programs throughout the year. Keep an eye out for them.