City of Sydney Town Hall House

Welcome to the City of Sydney.

The City of Sydney Council headquarters is naturally located at Sydney’s civic heart, Town Hall House, an iconic modernist architectural addition to the classicly styled Town Hall itself. We were very excited to contribute to this great city’s administrative centre by creating a consistent and highly functional and inclusive signage and wayfinding system that Sydneysiders could be proud of. The system had to work in synergy with Smart Design Studio’s architectural design, the culture and guidelines of the council, the city’s heritage and accessibility considerations.

Our design response draws on the materiality of the architecture and applies a contemporary overlay to complement it, with full tactile text and maps as well as braille to create a leading example of inclusive design for people of all ages and abilities. 

We played a key role in advising on signage strategy and wayfinding masterplanning before embarking on the design and production supervision.