Geyer Design

Witness the rebirth of a design icon.

The Geyer name has been synonymous with award-winning progressive interior design for 40 years with offices in five locations across Australia and south-east Asia. The recent acquisition of this design icon by The Intelligent Consulting Group has taken the business into a new era of future-focused, human-centric design. The positive changes within the business required a fresh, strategic approach to the brand, and Extrablack’s lengthy working relationship with Geyer made us the logical choice to engage with the leadership team to realise this new vision.

Through our proven 5 Ex process we dug deep into the culture and ambition of the company to uncover the core values, vision and personality of the brand as well as it’s key point of difference to take to market.

The ambition became clear: to think differently and to re-prioritise design and work alongside architects, engineers and other key consultants from the outset. This sentiment led to the generation of Geyer’s new tagline ‘Tomorrow Today’ as a guiding principle.

Some further specific objectives for the rebrand included the desire to attract (and retain) a new generation of design talent, and to talk to the Asia Pacific audience as the Geyer Singapore office plays a key role in servicing this ever-expanding market.

Working with wordsmithing experts Polymer and grounded in the business strategy, we built a solid strategic Brand Platform to use as the foundation for the design phase. This is the visual conceptual stage where we explore a vast array of exciting conceptual directions in search of the ‘Extrablack Magic’. The Geyer team were genuinely excited by the options created and the eventual direction was chosen for its bold expression of this new dynamism and future-focus. This was further developed before being executed across all touchpoints of identity internal and external, including print documents, digital and video.

‘Our team is energised by the new brand direction, and they’re very much looking forward to creating innovative, human-centred designs that will make a difference and transform lives.’ – Geyer’s Global Design Director, Adam Mundy.