Haslin Constructions

Haslin Constructions is an innovative Civil and Building Contractor working primarily in the public sector, delivering projects in water, infrastructure, dams, public space and commercial building ranging from $1 Million to $70 Million.

Haslin has a reputation for engineering excellence and specialises in the more difficult projects requiring special attention and technical expertise. The company needed a brand refresh and communication platform that reflected their strong standing in the highly competitive construction sector.

We wanted to create a strong identity that reflected the Haslin purpose, methods and culture. The identity is bold and confident with a wink to the construction process. Materials used include grey craft board which reflected their utilitarian nature and widespread use of concrete. The pop of ‘high-visi’ orange colour demonstrates a uniqueness and inspiration projecting the ethos of going beyond the standard solutions.



“We launched our new look and website on Friday night (24.08.2015) and everyone loved it. We are getting really positive feedback from everyone who has had a look at the site. I just wanted to thank all of you for your contribution to what was a pretty seamless process and say how much we all enjoyed working with you.”

Gladys Woods
General Manager
Haslin Constructions Pty Ltd