State Library of NSW

The State Library is currently digitising the entire collection of the Mitchell Galleries in order to liberate the entire collection, giving the public easier access to some of Australia’s most important and valuable artefacts. In addition, the Mitchell Galleries has assembled an elite team of architects, digital and sound designers to revamp the Galleries in order to activate the collection.

Extrablack’s role as part of this team was to develop a comprehensive Signage & Wayfinding Strategy for the new development in conjunction with long-term collaborators and project lead Root Partnerships.

Furthermore, we were commissioned to design a lavishly produced printed document to inform key decision-makers of developments and raise revenue from principal donors for the project. Encased in an archival wrap with a wax seal and printed on an A2 Indigo digital press with singer-sewn binding and separate insert section this was a triumph of craft and precision.

Copywriting by Yonder. Print by Bambra Press.