The Buchan brand showcases it's talented and creative people, while reclaiming it's role on the global stage.

Consultants, creative and planet conscious

Buchan has gone through a rebrand as a demonstration of its commitment to the future of the practice, to it’s talented and creative team, to the broader market and the industry.

The new brand represents the diversity of its people, the practices offering and the sectors, typologies and regions across the planet it operates.

Buchan has a clear vision for the practice that needed a brand that could support the task ahead. The legacy of Buchan is that is has, for over 130 years, and still today continues, to bring vision and clarity to how our cities can be designed to best serve the people who live and visit them and the planet.

Buchan has a 130 year history and continues to evolve and adapt, designing people and planet focused solutions to the global urbanisation challenge.

During the 18 month of investigation the Buchan business was open, transparent, generous, engaging and embraced the exploration process.

The Buchan Team have been included in all aspects of the process through workshops, interviews and surveys to uncover the essence of the practice that will assist informing the brand.

After an extensive exploration of the existing brand mark and possible alternatives took place. The Buchan Team were resolute that the Buchan mark was to be carried forward. The expression of the brand was founded in the creation of 3 core symbols representing The People, The Practice and The Projects.

Creating a dynamic and flexible brand was key.

The Buchan mark signifies the core of Buchan is grounded and that it is to continue while it expands and flexes to better engage, reassure and communicate with its people, the market and industry. As a leading practice in the region Buchan will take a position on important topics that will guide and engage in conversations to help shape our cities and solve the complex challenges of urbanisation.

Throughout the conceptual and design stages the Buchan Team remained involved, providing its insights and commitment to setting the practice up for the years ahead. Buchan is undergoing significant change, transitioning, reinventing itself and preparing for the next generation of Buchan architects, interior designers and city shapers who have an important role to play.

Dynamic for a new era.

The Buchan purpose continues to guide the people and the practice’s direction to shape places that have a life of their own.

It was necessary for the brand to work externally and internally, communicating the practice’s future to its current and prospective team. The brand creates a platform for the creative talent within the practice to be showcased and for younger team members to play a more significant role solving clients challenges and providing continuity.

The diversity of the team and the practice’s offerings come through in the vibrant and contrasting colour palette that allows for an more individual expression and flexibility as the brand navigates new sectors and markets.


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